Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is estimated to affect 1 in every 110 individuals.

ASD is characterised by impairments in

  • social interaction
  • social communication
  • imagination and social understanding

Diagnostic Guidelines

Gold standard diagnostic practice for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network

National Institute for Health & Care Excellence

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ASD Consultancy

We provide one to one consultancy for people with ASD of all ages, their families, carers or with professionals involved in treatment and support. Consultancy can be useful when developing specific support plans, in considering and working effectively with particular behaviours, or with emotion or sensory issues. Levels of consultancy typically vary; input from as little as one hour/month or as much as several hours/week depending on the circumstances can be appropriate. Consultancy with groups, staff teams or other, can be arranged and has been found to be helpful in facilitating or providing guidance to support services for people with ASD.

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Who we work with

  • Individuals 
  • NHS & local authorities
  • Criminal Justice and Solicitors in Mental Health 
  • Voluntary sector 
  • Families & carers
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